Jilling Estate: An unfrequented little weekender up in the hills
17 Jul,2017

Dense and verdant valleys, the breath-taking sight of Nanda Devi, the eclectic distribution of oak, rhododendron, chestnut and deodar trees, the harmonious cottages dotted across the property, and most notably, the emblematic, transnational love story of an ex-fighter pilot, Steve Lall and his diligent wife Parvati, who are the sedulous souls behind this well-kept estate: Jilling Estate is a personification of beauty.

When nature looked like the prettiest bride I ever saw

I still revel at the tiniest seconds of my journey when a pony heaved me up along the slope to the estate -- as if a groom was on the doorsteps of his bride. Silvery black clouds circled around atop like a gorgeous head band; the sunlit green trees turned out to be the most luxurious gown she was enwrapped in; and the bed of vegetation, a flowing extension of her wedding gown. A bride to fall in love with, indeed!

A home is never the stay we are used to

 A home is a home because of the essence it soaks us in, and the Lalls’ property –Jilling Estate - does so to its guests. Loving energies every meal is invisible luminescent with, the book corner a reader would never escape out from, the spark of bonfires which vies with the star-studded sky, and the silence that lullabies you to a sleep, motherly: Jilling Estate is a home away from home.  

A soul filling mate – Jilling Estate

 Steve and Parvati’s daughter Nandini and her husband Karthik bear the legacy together, presently, and pamper the unbridled, yet glorious wilderness of the 100 acres of the jungle around with boundary patrols to keep the flora and fauna protected. I still have those uncut shots of Jilling Estate captured lastingly in my eyes – the way moon chased away the gang of clouds to romance with me, the sweet muscular pain of a climb down the estate and hell more to pen down here.


If you are the one who seeks a quiet getaway, do not miss the rustic charm that is Jilling Estate (beware of others with a similar name and ask to stay with the Lalls at “Jilling Estate”). And just so you know, Jilling Estate is pet-friendly.