This Is The Jeju Island You’ll Immediately Backpack For.....
17 Jul,2017


Wildness and tranquility converge to meet on Jeju Island and that marks out Jeju from its peers. Sprawling out over an area thrice the Seoul city, this island from South Korea teams with a swarm of tourists throughout the year.

So we here are the oomph factors of the irresistible Jeju that you might go gaga over it:

The Wonderful Volcano

Above anything, there’s this drop-dead beautiful, verdant volcano of Hallasan that towers upon the island at its center. It looks exceptionally stunning when engulfed by snow all around, and aesthetically colorful when covered all over with the magnificent flowers.


The Lava Tubes

To walk through the hard, sun-baked lava- the lava glowing ablaze on the pages of our Geography book- tunnel long as 7 km is to live one’s imaginations. Expect this thrill on Jeju!


The Teddy Bear Museum

There is a teddy bear museum on the island featuring exclusive, age-old teddy bears on display. Teddy bear, teddy bear, I’m turning around to Jeju. Huh?


The Lovers’ roost

Yes, the love theme park is perhaps the most tantalizing spot dotted on Jeju, nay, our planet, in fact. This love land supports the open exhibition of sexual display. A cherry on the cake for honeymooners!


The visa-on-arrival deal

The privilege of no visa entry for Indians provided you stay in the periphery of Jeju only is certainly a virtue, although those seeking to traverse further in South Korea need to apply for a visa in advance.

The economical aspect

Korean Won is the currency in South Korea, and 100 KRW amounts to nearly 6 INR. Say you chalk out the plan for a seven day trip. To ballpark it, the cost would lie somewhere between 40,000 to 70,000.

So when are you flying to Jeju?